Turkish Puppetry
Short Stories: Group Responsibilities:1) Select Story2) Complete questions at the end of the story (must have at least 7 questions)3) Define terms and literary devices at start of story4) Develop a presentation about the story for the class5) Develop a worksheet for the class with at least 15 points possible6) Determine roles of all group members for presentation7) Present story and worksheet for class Each group will hand in:1) story's questions2) definition of terms and lit divices3) presentation outline/ notes/ script4) worksheet (hand in day before for copies) Presentation Days:Wednesday and Thursday next week Write to Learn LinkUsername: Student ID # (SIMS #)Password: first four letters of last name and month/ day of birth. For example, wald1229 would be Walder, December 29th. A Separate Peace Assignments:

Sentence Fragments
Subjects and Predicates

Practice Stopwatch

10th English Edublog