Wednesday, May 9th: Future Goals Essay
  • Attach a copy of your cover letter and resume in pdf form to a new tab on your portfolio titled "Professional Packet"
  • Write an essay outlining your future goals to post on your website under a new tab titled "future goals"
    • Your essay should outline multiple, specific, measurable goals that you have. It should be approximately 500- 700 words in length.
  • Last 10 minutes of class we will split into groups to create a Review Group that students will work on Thursday in class.

Thursday, May 19th: Review Groups
*Each group will create a multimedia presentation and a study guide for each person in the class of the answers to the following starter topics. The presentations should be DETAILED and PROFESSIONAL in manner. All students MUST participate in the presentation and it should be designed like a tutorial for the class.
  • Group One: Citations
    • When to cite? Where to cite? What is MLA? Why use MLA? What is the paper format for MLA?
  • Group Two: Thesis Statements/ Paragraphs
    • What is a good thesis statement? Give multiple examples. How do you write a thesis statement? What should a thesis statement do for the paper?
    • How do you write a proper paragraph in a research paper? Where does the research go in the paper?
  • Group Three: Frankenstein
    • Outline the plot and literary plot elements of Frankenstein
  • Group Four: Frankenstein
    • Characters and their intentions
    • Dracula/ Dr. Jeckyll/ Frankenstein Comparisons
  • Group Five:
    • If I'm going to write a paper, where do I start?
    • Give step by step directions for paper writing.
  • Group Six:
    • What are the resources available to write a paper?
    • Research resources, word processing resources, how do I use Google Search properly?

Portfolio Instructions: Due May 16th Email link to Mrs. Walder BEFORE class on May 16th
1. Using your already made web portfolio page, use the example as a reference on making your own goal portfolio. Do NOT delete any pages you have already made, but add pages.
2. Create a top level page called Portfolio Assignment.
3. Create 8 pages under 'Portfolio Assignment' titled 'Goal 1' through 'Goal 8'
4. On the example there are 8 specific goals that I wanted to accomplish this year for you.
5. On each page, list the goal, write 300- 400 words on how you obtained that goal and attach three documents/ assignments that displayed how you met that goal this year.

Web Portfolio Site
Frankenstein Site