Diary of Anne Frank Research Power Point

1) Brainstorm topics from your Writing Journal entry during the Introductory Video
2) Work through topics together so no two people have the same topic
3) Research using Google tools and Advanced Search
4) Save all links to put on a Sources page on the last slide
5) Create an 10 slide Power Point with at least one picture on each slide
6) One slide is introduction and one slide is for sources, 8 have information and pictures
7) Pay attention to spelling, grammar and word choice.

Points Possible: 50

Slide Design (easy to read): 5 points
Content/ Pictures: 40 points (5 points per slide)
Sources Slide: 5 points

Poetry is a form of literary art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to, or in lieu of, its apparent meaning. (as taken from Wikipedia)

Examples for a feeling poem:

Peace is white like a single snowflake
drifting to the ground...

Boredom is gray like a dull day.
It sits on a shelf
like a can of cat food waiting to be bought.

Anger is red like tomato soup
bubbling over on the stove.

Blank examples:
(feeling) is (color)_ like a _

(feeling) is_ (color)_ like a
like a

Simple rules for first draft poetry:
Don't worry about spelling
Don't worry about being neat.
Don't worry about erasing.
Don't worry about rhyme.

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Welcome to 8th Grade Reading!


Online Resources:

One of the stories we will be reading is a script version of the Diary of Anne Frank
One of the stories we will be reading is a script version of the Diary of Anne Frank

external image annefrank.jpg external image Video%20-%20The%20Diary%20of%20Anne%20Frank%20(Fox).jpg

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