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Demonstrative Pronoun
- refer to specific one(s) of group
- words that are commonly used: this, that, these, those
Ex: Hand me that hammer. (that is describing the noun hammer)

external image hammer.gif
Ex: That is my book.

Interrogative Pronoun - introduces question
- words that are commonly used: what, which, who, whom, whose
Ex: Who is here?

Ex: I already told the detective what I know about it.

Relative Pronoun - introduces subordinate clause and refers to noun or pronoun outside that clause
- words that are commonly used: that, which, who, whom, whose
Ex: That is the person whom I love.
Ex: Whoever crosses the line first wins.

Indefinite Pronoun - refer to one(s) not specifically named
- words that are commonly used: enough, few, fewer, less, little, many, much, several, more, most, all, both, every, each, any, either, neither, none, some
Ex: Little is expected.
Ex: Few will be chosen; fewer will finish.

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